Thursday, December 6, 2007

Record Snow in US While Bali Hosts Global Warming Conference

Portland, Maine tied a 1890 record for snow Monday, receiving 8.5 inches while Marshfield in Washington County had 18 inches of snow, Lakeville in Penobscot County 17 inches, Island Falls in Aroostook County 16, Brassau Lake near Moosehead 15.7, Farmington 14.7 inches and Andover 13, the weather service said.

Meanwhile, The National Weather Service says the Grand Forks airport had 8.1 inches of snow yesterday, setting a record for the date. And Fargo set a record with 5.9 inches.

The previous mark in both cities was set back in 1926.

Grand Forks and Fargo also had record snowfall last Saturday.

All this record snow is falling while the UN hosts a global warming in Bali, Indonesia.

The conference will primarily focus on the USA and China as the biggest global warming contributors. The international community, led by the UN, is trying to strong-arm the USA into signing treaties that will force our country into meeting deadlines for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Ironically, in order to put on the conference, thousands of people have had to take jets to the remote Bali location, which has added hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Such treaties will only hurt our economy, weaken our world-power status, and will do nothing to reduce "global warming", which is a natural process that is not influenced by human activity.

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