Thursday, May 29, 2008

Arctic ice traps "climate tour" icebreaker

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This is an interesting article about a tour ship for those who want to see the Arctic ice cap before it melts as a result of man-made global warming. Things went awry when the icebreaker tour ship became trapped in the ice that is supposed to be disappearing.

I am on the bridge of the massive Russian icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov, and the tension is palpable. We have hit ice - thick ice.

We are travelling from the northeastern corner of Russia, across the Bering Sea and the top of Canada to Resolute Bay in Nunavut. At least that's the plan. We haven't even reached Canadian waters and we are already in trouble.

The ice master studies the mountains of white packed around the ship while the 24,000-horsepower diesel engines work at full throttle to open a path. The ship rises slowly onto the barrier of ice, crushes it and tosses aside blocks the size of small cars as if they were ice cubes in a glass. It creeps ahead a few metres, then comes to a halt, its bow firmly wedged in the ice. After doing this for two days, the ship can go no farther.

The ice master confers with the captain, who makes a call to the engine room. The engines are shut down. He turns to those of us watching the drama unfold, and we are shocked by his words: "Now, only nature can help this ship." We are doomed to drift.

What irony. I am a passenger on one of the most powerful icebreakers in the world, travelling through the Northwest Passage - which is supposed to become almost ice-free in a time of global warming, the next shipping route across the top of the world - and here we are, stuck in the ice, engines shut down, bridge deserted. Only time and tide can free us.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No apology necessary for Koran shooting

Today, President Bush apologized for an incident in which an American soldier in Iraq used the Koran, the holy book of the Muslims, for target practice.

Although I wouldn't waste a perfectly good bullet on a Koran, for our government to treat the Koran as something sacred when we don't even guarantee that kind of respect for the Holy Bible is a spectacular display of weakness and political pandering. In some Muslim countries, even those considered to be our allies, our soldiers and citizens are not even allowed to bring a Bible with them.

Writers and cartoonists around the world who have "insulted" Islam have been killed or recieved death threats.

It is truly amazing that in the 6 1/2 years since 9/11 Islam and Muslims have become a special protected class in our country and that this special protection even extends beyond our borders. Islam and the Koran have been elevated by our politicians to a protected status that Christianity and Judaism have never attained. Muslims are given special consideration in airports, schools, and other government run institutions.

Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not the politically-correct favoring of one religion over the other. It's time to elect leaders who will honor the Constitution and not a backward, misogynistic, hate-filled religion like Islam.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The truth about "climate change"

On Mike Huckabee's website, Mike asked his readers and bloggers to comment on the following question: Should "climate change" be part of the GOP platform with issues such as less government, lower taxes, a strong national defense and real border security? The following is my response:

The earth has been warming and cooling in natural cycles for thousands of years, long before man ever had a chance to leave a "carbon" footprint.

To think that we are powerful enough to affect the global climate, particularly the temperature, is secularist in philosophy and is a tribute to the sinful man's ego as he tries to put himself on par with Almighty God, the maker of the sun, which drives temperature change, and the earth, that receives the sun's energy.

Stopping a hurricane or a volcanic eruption would be easier than trying raise or lower the temperature of the earth an iota.

I normally do not voice my Christian views in these political forums, but this issue of the climate boils down not to just political posturing, but also to very nature of man and the Creation.

The Bible is replete with examples of the Lord controlling the weather, using it to save His people, destroy His enemies, punish a wayward people, bring blessings to his faithful servants, or to demonstrate His awesome power, such as when the Lord spoke to Elijah as he hid in a cave.

When Jesus calmed the storm that frightened his disciples in their small boat, He demonstrated again that it is not man who influences the earth's weather, but it is under Almighty God's control.

Liberals, particularly socialists and Marxists, have been trying to supplant God with humanism. Man-made "climate change" is a part of that philosophy, as they indoctrinate our children in school and adults through the media with their secular "alternative" to God.

After all, if humans can control the earth's climate, then what can't they control? The liberals will have built their own environmental Tower of Babel, and unfortunately will have suckered many God-fearing people into their illusion that man has the power to affect the environment.

Add to this the political and economic implications, which we are just beginning to see with high food and energy prices, and we will have an even worse mess later if we do not get the government out of the subsidy, tariff, energy, and weather business.

In short, man has not changed the earth's temperature one bit, and to base government policy on a philosophy so short on science and out of harmony with God's laws will only lead to further ruin of our great country.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Unstoppable solar cycles

This video is absolutely brilliant and should be seen by every person in America.