Monday, December 3, 2007

Marines Bring School Supplies to Iraqi Kids

This is the kind of news you won't see on your TV or in your newspaper.

As the surge continues to provide better security in Iraq and daily life gets better, the Marines are building relationships with future generations of Iraqi's by supplying school kids with notebooks, pens, and even soccer balls.

The school supplies were donated by friends and families of the Marines, as well as church groups back home.

Capt. T.J. Owens, the commanding officer of Company I said: “When the kids see Americans doing good deeds like this, they grow up with that impression of Americans in their minds. The actions Marines take now have endearing implications for the future.”

He continued: "Some people are still recovering from the early portions of the war and what the terrorists did,” said Owens. “This can’t just be putting a band-aid on. What we’re doing is part of a campaign that coalition forces all over Iraq are taking part in.”

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