Sunday, December 16, 2007

Climate Change Conference Ends; End of World Near

The UN conference on climate change, hosted in Bali, is thankfully over and the only accomplishment to speak of was the emitting of hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

According to the AP story, there were no major agreements or breakthroughs, and the 200+ participants were bitterly divided and acrimonious. At one point, Dutch representative Yvo de Boer (a real Alan Alda type), pictured on the left, actually broke down in tears because of the bitter wrangling over minor details in reaching a consensus deal.

According to the AP: "The new deal does not commit countries to specific actions against global warming. It simply sets an agenda and schedule for negotiators to find ways to reduce pollution and help poor countries adapt to environmental changes by speeding up the transfer of technology and financial assistance."

The AP story tried to put their best spin on the overly-hyped climate change conference in it's lead paragraph: "World leaders overcame bitter divisions Saturday and agreed to reach a new deal on fighting global warming by 2009, turning a corner in mankind's race to stave off environmental disaster caused by rising temperatures."

So the basic consensus deal reached by these liberals, Marxists, dictators, and fascists is to keep negotiating until industrialized countries like the US, Japan, China, and Australia submit themselves to the "global warming" religion and give up the economic freedom that drives their prosperous countries.

Just like the internet bubble of the 90's, the global warming bubble is ready to burst and these goof balls are trying to get as much out of it for themselves as possible at the expense of the USA and other industrialized countries.


AP said...

We should seek a scientific, technological solution to global warming.

Mike Huckabee shows himself to be hostile to science when he says that Intelligent Design should be taught as part of a 'controversy' in science. Sadly, ID is neither good science nor good theology, but an unfounded, political ideology. We should not elect a man so hostile to good science teaching as our President, especially at a time of such great challenges.

Burt Noyes said...

Thanks for stopping by AP.

Whether a person believes in ID or Darwinism or punctuated equilibriumism or other varieties of evolution, there is nothing man can do to stop or cause global warming.

Climate change is a natural phenomenon that man has no control over. There have been many cooling and warming periods through the millenia preceding our industrialized era and the introduction of carbon based energy production.

The data used by global warming advocates is purely anecdotal.

For instance, one could say that the reduction in cancer death rates is related to global warming, since the warmer it has gotten over the last few years, the lower the cancer death rate has been.

But we know that is not the case and anyone putting forth such a theory would be laughed out the door.

In the same way, the introduction of CO2 into the atmosphere and the now-stalled rise in the earth's temperature may be concurrent, but not related.

As an outdoorsman, I would like to see our technology and science used to reduce pollution any unnecessary destruction of our environment.

The free market is the answer to our environmental problems. As competition for energy resources increases and the supply decreases, businesses and individuals will come up with the new solutions needed to meet energy demands and preserve our earth's beauty and balance at the same time.