Wednesday, January 9, 2008

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Anonymous said...

As the 2008 elections are upon us, many people are discussing the various candidates' records and statements. I encourage you all to be informed voters about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney by visiting the following site:

I hope that you will all make a well-researched voting decision.

Burt Noyes said...

I am seriously considering voting for a third party candidate if Romney gets the Republican nomination.

His current pro-life and pro-family stances seems to be motivated by political expediency, not a personally held moral value.

Also, I believe his is a lying deceitful person. His ads about meth-amphetamines and Huckabee were absolute manufactured horse dung. If anybody was soft on meth dealers and producers, it was Romney, not Huckabee.

Also, Romney manufactured some fantasies about his dad marching with Dr. MLK Jr., another example of his lying for expediency.

There are other examples.