Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Florida teen's story touched Huckabee

from the Union Leader

Connie and Sarah Davis are with the bandwagon.

In town for a whirlwind weekend with their candidate of choice, the mother-daughter duo from Ormond Beach, Fla., found themselves screaming like a pair of political primary groupies Friday, watching as Republican Mike Huckabee rocked the campaign trail in Henniker.

"It was really cool," said Connie Davis. "I think they were playing 'Freebird,' or some Journey song. Anyway, at the end, Governor Huckabee was playing with the band and people were rushing the stage, and he looked over at us and nodded. He thanked us for coming."

Then the two tourists were whisked backstage to hang out with Huckabee and his roundhouse of roadies - most notably Chuck Norris and his wife, Gena.

"Oh, and a crew from 'Nightline' was interviewing him, too," said Davis, a conservative Christian who home-schools her four kids, including the oldest, 15-year-old Sarah.

She said their journey to New Hampshire for this pivotal moment in political history was an unexpected blessing.

"Sarah has been taking a government class this year and she has become more and more passionate about Huckabee," said Davis.

So much so, that the teen asked family members to contribute to Huckabee's campaign as her Christmas gift this year - a small request that triggered an unexpected chain of events

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