Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Record Snows Hit U.S.

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All across the northern United States, cities and states are reporting record snowfall.

Cities reporting record or near-record snowfall are: Detroit, Michigan; Aspen, CO; Boston, Mass; Oshkosh,Wisconsin; Laconia, NH; Rochester, NY; Salem, Mass; and Madison, Wisconsin.

The northern chill is even reaching into Florida, where the overnight low in sunny Daytona Beach is expected to be 30ºF.

Although this is all anecdotal evidence, it very clear that weather records (whether for record low temps or high temps, snowfalls, drought, or rain) are made to be broken.

Anecdotal evidence is not scientific. It's very small amounts of information based on what the observer can gain through their senses of sight, sound, feel, etc. Because our bodies and viewpoints can change minute by minute, anecdotal evidence like this is not reliable for coming to valid conclusions.

Just as being in the middle of a record snowfall does not mean there is no global warming, being in the middle of a drought or heat wave does not mean that global warming is occurring.

What's needed is reliable scientific data without any political or social biases. This is sorely lacking in the global warming debate today.

To see how much you know about global warming, take the Global Warming Test

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slclemens said...

Thanks for this good post. I teach my kids the basics of weather science: because of the tilt in the earth's axis, we can be assured that we will always have warm seasons and cold seasons, which means there will always be winter, therefore global warming is nothing to worry about.

Bottom line: as long as there's snow, global warming is a lie.

I find that my own kids need to hear this more than many, because I work in the "dirty" field of coal-burning power production. They have heard some very hurtful things said about what people like me are doing to air quality, glaciers, coal miners, water supply, sea levels, forest health, endangered species, human health, dioxin levels, mercury poisoning, acid rain, etc. But it's important to tell them the other side of the story.

Thanks for helping get the word out!