Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pakistan In Trouble

Pakistan's President Musharraf, pictured on the left, declared martial law and suspended the country's constitution three days ago in an attempt to maintain his political power. Thousands of protesters have been arrested, many severely beaten.

Musharraf claims he is trying to control the Islamic militants that threaten his government, but his army is arresting lawyers, judges and political activists and seizing control of the media. Musharraf is establishing a military dictatorship, which will lead to a revolution in his country.

Pakistan under Musharraf's rule has supposedly been an ally in the "war on terror", but the lack of progress in fighting the Taliban and other Islamic militants in the country shows that Musharraf has been trying to appease the terrorists and keep friendly with the USA for the $10 billion in foreign aid we have given him.

The Bush administration should let Musharraf be overthrown and replaced by Benazir Bhutto, pictured on the right, who is more moderate and would work much better with the USA as an ally.

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