Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mike Huckabee Explains the War on Terror

In this video, Mike Huckabee spells out exactly what the USA is up against in our war with Islamic fascists.


Anonymous said...

i think you need to have more info about yourself please put somemore stuff on the internet

shay said...

please put more stuff about you on the internet

Burt Noyes said...

Shay, thanks for stopping by my blog.

First of all, I'm a evangelical Christian, but not the cookie-cutter born-again type. That is a long story in itself.

Politically, I'm conservative with very strong libertarian leanings. I firmly believe in reducing the size of Federal government and giving more power to the states and individual. For instance, I don't believe the Federal gov't should have any involvement in education or retirement planning.

I believe first and foremost in freedom and liberty of people, but also realize that Christianity is the ground in which the flower of liberty flourishes best. I don't feel that countries like Iraq can be expected to adapt to freedom as fully as us because their religion is based on fear and hate, whereas Christianity is based on love and self-sacrifice.

Hope this helps and once again, thanks for stopping by!