Monday, October 22, 2007

Conservative Kids Wanted for TV News Show

A major TV news show is interested in interviewing kids 12-16 years old who support conservative presidential candidates like Mike Huckabee and others.

This would be a great opportunity to share your conservative views on a national level.

If you are interested in participating, leave a comment below or send an email to


Anonymous said...

Justin says...

Hey Burt, I was wondering if you believed conservative to strictly mean Republican, or would you agree that the Constitution Party is conservative as well?

Thanks for your input.

Burt Noyes said...

Justin, I definitely mean "conservative" and not Republican. I regard the Constitution Party very highly and consider it conservative.

I don't consider the Republican Party, as it currently stands, as a conservative party, although there are conservatives in the party. I don't consider George W. Bush to be a conservative, and I have even written my senator, Mel Martinez, a strongly worded letter telling him I will never vote for him again.

I do back Mike Huckabee as one of the few conservative candidates, and even he has some negatives, as you probably already know. My biggest problem with Huckabee is his willingness to change the Constitution to protect marriage.

Although I don't want marriage to be opened to gays, I believe this is a cultural and religious issue, not a political one. The government and the courts should stay out of the debate.

I will have some posts soon addressing these issues titled on "Republican vs. Conservative" and "The Marriage Amendment".

Anonymous said...

Justin says...

Do you know of any conservative magazines?


Burt Noyes said...

Justin, the only two reliably conservative magazines are Human Events and National Review.

I read National Review faithfully because of the depth of coverage not only on the current political scene, but because of the historical background they provide, such as explaining the how the beautiful country of Burma became the desolated waste that is today's Myanmar.