Monday, February 25, 2008

Illegal alien crashes into bus, kills four school kids

The woman pictured on the left is an illegal alien that killed four school kids when her van crashed into their school bus Tuesday, Feb. 19.

She gave her name as Aliannis Morales, but the police say that is not her real name.

The accident occurred in Cottonwood, Minnesota when "Morales" ran a stop sign on her way to work. Her van crashed into the Lakeview school bus, killing four students and sending several students to area hospitals.

"Morales" had been working at Norcraft Cabinetry for a month before the crash. She told authorities through an interpreter that she is from Mexico.

Killed in the crash were two brothers, Hunter and Jesse Javens, ages 9 and 13, and Emily Olson, 9, and Reed Stevens, 12.

Why do we have illegal aliens killing American citizens on our roads and in other crimes on a daily basis?

The answer is that the US government has not enforced the laws controlling immigration into the country.

While the Bush Administration is busy putting US Border Patrol agents in jail for doing their job, thousands of illegal aliens like "Morales" cross our borders every day. Some are criminals and gang members, some are drug smugglers, while others are poor Mexicans and other nationals looking for better paying jobs.

While the legal citizens of the United States try to cope with the damage done to their communities and families by illegal aliens, Congress has been trying to give the illegal aliens amnesty in an effort to get more voters for their political parties. Senators Clinton, Obama, and McCain, all running for president, have voted in favor of amnesty for these criminals.

Another problem with our poor border control is that Islamic terrorists could come across the border by mixing in with the other aliens and pose an even greater danger to our national security.

The answer to the illegal immigration problem is simple. We need to build a fence across our southern border with Mexico, increase the number of Border patrol agents, and punish employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens, like the cabinet shop owner who employed "Morales". As illegal aliens are detected by the police, they should be arrested and deported along with their families back to their country of origin.

There should also be a guest worker program instituted that would let people in other countries like Mexico register for jobs and then come to work here legally. Such a program does not need to be run by the US government. There are plenty of employment agencies that could arrange such a program and administer it without increasing the size of our already bloated Federal government.

Only by making some hard political choices are the American people going to solve this illegal immigration problem. One of those choices has to defeating liberal presidential candidates like Clinton, Obama, and McCain.

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