Friday, September 28, 2007

Hillary and Health Care

Young people, you are facing a very bleak future if people like Hillary Clinton are not stopped.

Last week, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled her new effort to bring all health care in the USA under the control of the Federal government. Three of the mandatory requirements of this health care take-over is that all Americans must buy health insurance, that businesses must cover all employees, and that the insurance coverage will extend to all citizens no matter what their health conditions.

First things first: the Constitution of the United States does not give the Federal government authority to require that any American citizen buy anything. Hillary Clinton and those who promote such plans are undermining the foundation of the Constitution, which is the freedom of each person to make decisions regarding their own person and property.

The second point is that businesses will start to give their employees a choice: keep your job with the new health insurance but take a pay cut, or be laid off. Those who choose to take the pay cut will have less income to live on, and less money to spend and thereby less money to stimulate the economy. Those who are laid off will still get their health insurance, but it will now be paid by the US government, which will put an added burden on those who remain working.

Third, covering "all applicants" no matter what their current health status will shift the burden of paying for their treatment to healthy people who don't need health insurance in the first place. The healthy young people who normally don't buy health insurance will be not only supporting all the Social Security recipients, but now will be expected to pay for the health care of all the unemployed and very sickly people in the country.

Some people think this is socialized medicine, but instead it's pure fascism. Fascism is a system of government where private companies and people own the businesses, but the government makes all the decisions for them. The dictator of Italy, Mussolini, was the head of such a fascist government during WWII, and it caused death and misery for millions.

Young people, you are facing a very bleak future if people like Hillary Clinton are not stopped. Not only will your basic Constitutional rights be trampled, but you will face a bankrupted US government that spent your tax money on the retired, the unemployed, and the sick.

Already, Social Security is facing a $18 TRILLION dollar deficit. You will be expected to pay for this with your hard-earned money in the near future.

Don't let this happen to you. Get informed about your government, learn the Constitution, and be ready to make a difference when you get the chance to vote.

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Moe said...

The third point concerns me. Everyone should have health insurance, whether they are "young and healthy" or not. Young people can still get sick, or injured and, at the current costs of healthcare, an unexpected accident or illness could financially devastate anyone who is not covered. Currently, people who are without insurance and find them selves in need of expensive, live-saving care end up in serious debt and unable to pay the bill. Their unpaid bill is then subsidized by everyone else utilizing the healthcare system in the form of wildly inflated costs.

Not a good thing.